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The common cause for women spotting between periods is a hormonal imbalance. However, it could have to do with weight issues, diet issues, and fatigue as well.

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Q: Why do women spot between periods?
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What makes you spot between periods?

Check to make sure you got your tampon out. Believe it or not, this happens to alot of women.

Why would you spot between periods if a pregnancy test was negative?

A hormonal imbalance is a possible reason for spotting between periods & so is irregular periods. See your doctor for a examination.

Is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear?

is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear?

What age do women stop their periods?

between the age of 45 -55

What does it mean when you spot in between periods?

Spotting in between periods is not supposed to happen but it is not all that abnormal either. It is usually down to a fluctuation of hormones and doesn't bear any significance or meaning.

What happens if your not on your period but blood comes out?

Chances are, you are spotting. If you are around other women who are ont heir periods it can cause you to spot. It is completely normal.

What film repeatedly mentions the connection between cranberry juice and women's periods?

The Departed

What could Vaginal streaks of blood between periods be?

There could be several reasons why you notice streaks of vaginal blood between periods. Without having a full history, not knowing your age and medical status, and not being able to do a physical exam, one can only guess at a few possibilities: *if you are on birth control pills, it might be break-through bleeding (due to a low dose pill) *some women can spot around the time of ovulation *cervical or vaginal cancer can cause bleeding *infections can cause bleeding *some women can spot after intercourse if they have a "friable" cervix *women can bleed at the time of implantation when they become pregnant *perimenopausal women with low hormone levels can have odd bleeding If you are having recurrent (repeated) bleeding between your periods, you should discuss this with your doctor and be properly assessed.

Where is an A spot on a women?

What do you mean by the 'A' spot? What do you mean by the 'A' spot?

Can women get their periods after conception?

A women can get back her periods once she stops taking her conception tablets.

Women have periods do men have?


After periods do women need to qaza their salah and fasts?

Muslim women DO NOT have to do "qadha" for their salah after their periods. However, they NEED to do "qadha" for fasts that were not done in Ramadhan after their periods.

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