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Chances are, you are spotting. If you are around other women who are ont heir periods it can cause you to spot. It is completely normal.

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Q: What happens if your not on your period but blood comes out?
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What is a period and what happens?

a period is when blood comes out the ladies vagina

Does you are period give you a cut and is that where the blood comes from?


What if your period is light and a brownish color and it has a lot of small blood clots?

Your period should have blood clots. Every month the uterus prepares itself for pregnancy. If a woman does not conceive, the lining of the uterus comes out (period). It is a cleansing process that happens every month.

Where does blood come out of when you start your period?

The blood comes out of the vaginal canal.

What do you do when your blood is black?

If you have black blood from your period that is normal if it comes out when your not on your period than go to your doctor and get checked.

What happens to period blood when menopause starts?

Menopause means a stopping of having periods. There IS no period blood.

What does it mean when your on your period and brown discharge comes out instead of blood?

It's still just menstrual fluid. This happens a day or so before you really start bleeding, and it tends to be brown at the end of your period. Older blood turns brown. Your period is more than blood. It's totally normal.

What hole does your period blood come out of after childbirth?

Your period comes out if your uterus into the cervix

What does it mean if blood comes out of your pants?

If you mean what does it mean if there is blood in my Knickers then you are on your period

What happens when blood comes out of your nose?

You get a nose bleed

What happens if your period doesn't come for a year?

what happens if you period doesn't come on for a year, but one mouth out of the year it comes on?

What is the brown stuff that comes out when you your period?

Dead blood cells!