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It is called a period. Its when the inside layering of the uterus discharges out from the vigina. This happens when a girl goes through puberty. It is normal, nothing to worry about....

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2009-11-16 22:32:38
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Q: What is the meaning if blood suddenly comes from vagina?
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Does you pee come out the same hole as your period blood?

No. Your pee comes out of a smaller opening above the vagina and ur menstrual blood comes out of your vagina.

What does a period look like?

A period is blood that comes from your vagina? You can not have a baby before having your periodAnswerA period is blood that comes from your vagina?The period is a cycle where about once a month the uterus sheds its lining which comes out in the form of blood

What is a period and what happens?

a period is when blood comes out the ladies vagina

What does it mean when blood comes from your vagina when not on period?

If there is blood coming out of your vagina even though your not on your period, it probaly means that your about to get it or you already have it but your not really sure you have it

Where does the blood form your period come out?

During menstruation the blood comes out via your vagina. Blood comes out of the uterus, passes through the cervix, then exits via your vagina - if menstruating you really should know how this process occurs.

What does it mean if you pee blood and its not your period?

Urine comes from your urethra, not your vagina - menstruation comes from the vagina. If you are peeing blood then you have a urinary tract or bladder infection so should seek immediate medical attention.

How you know if she a virgin?

You will know if blood comes out of her vagina in the process of having sex

What color is a girls period?

RED coz when periods start blood comes out of your vagina! And blood is red right.

What does it mean when your on depo and black blood comes out of your vagina?

that is not normal you need to see your GP if that happens

Why do some red substance come from female's vagina?

Its called blood!!it comes out wheb their on their period lol.

What is a menstral period?

There is rich blood inside your body and when a egg isn't fertilized, the blood comes out of your vagina . Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't

Why do girls have to have period?

girls have their period because the blood sheds from a nest that is building in your stomach that the baby will lay on when (or if) you have a baby. the blood sheds and comes out your vagina.

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