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There could be several reasons why you notice streaks of vaginal blood between periods. Without having a full history, not knowing your age and medical status, and not being able to do a physical exam, one can only guess at a few possibilities:

*if you are on Birth Control pills, it might be break-through bleeding (due to a low dose pill)

*some women can spot around the time of ovulation

*cervical or vaginal cancer can cause bleeding

*infections can cause bleeding

*some women can spot after intercourse if they have a "friable" cervix

*women can bleed at the time of implantation when they become pregnant

*perimenopausal women with low hormone levels can have odd bleeding

If you are having recurrent (repeated) bleeding between your periods, you should discuss this with your doctor and be properly assessed.

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Q: What could Vaginal streaks of blood between periods be?
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Mucous discharge with scanty blood in between periods?

If you have a mucous discharge with scanty blood in between your periods, you may have a yeast infection. You should talk to your physician.

Excessive flow of blood from the uterus between menstrual periods?


Is it normal to have light pink thin blood?

Yes, it's probably blood mixed with vaginal discharge which makes it pinkish, if we are talking about periods that is. It's usually like that when your period starts and when it's about to end.

Why do you get brown clumps of Vaginal blood 2 days before your period on birth control?

There are number of possible reasons why you might get brown clumps of vaginal blood 2 days before your period on birth control. This may mainly be due to hormones which are triggered by the pills and cause a clot which comes out as clumps before your periods.?æ

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