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Its typically because it is old blood. It is less and less common as you start having more periods

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Q: Why do you have brown discharge between periods for a week now?
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Is brown discharge a week before your period means that you are pregnant?


Could it is possible to be a first week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

coul be possible to to be a 1st week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

Can anorexia cause brown discharge a week before you get your period?

Not usually, no.

What is wrong if you have your period for a week and then have a brown discharge?

The brown discharge is most likely old blood. Wait a few days and if it doesn't clear, see your dr.

What does it mean when you are a week late and spotting brown discharge?

time to visit the doctor

You are a week late on your period im having brown discharge but pregnancy tests come out negative?

Brown discharge, is not really discharge at all. It's the beginning of your lining shedding or rather your cycle is starting.

Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex during the fertile days but has had a brown discharge for a week?


You are having light bleeding and brown discharge after a week of unprotected sex are you pregenant?

Lucky for you, no.

You get brown discharge then a week later red blood so when does your period start?

That was your period.

Brown discharge a week after your period?

Brown discharge is old blood mixing with your discharge, this can be common after menstruation. Blood turns brown when it's old, it can take time to leave your vagina thus the color and it mixes with discharge. If concerned it may be due to something more serious then see your doctor.

Is it normal to have brown discharge during the eighth week of pregnancy?

I was on holiday when i was in my 8th week of pregnancy when i started having a brown discharge which lasted 24 hrs, i was convinced i had lost the baby and had to wait another week until i arrived back in the UK for a scan where i was told everything was ok and had no explaination for bleeding.

Is it normal to have brown vaginal discharge during 9 week of pregnancy?

no, go see your doctor immediately

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