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People don't decide to become gay, they're born like that.

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Q: Why do people decide to become gay?
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When did gay people decide that marriage is not for them?

Gay people did not decide this. The majority decided that same-sex marriage was crucial to society and to the LGBT community.

Can gay people become straight?

No, people are born gay and always will be gay, they can't change it, and they shouldn't have to.

Why they become gay in family?

Nobody becomes gay. People are either born gay or they are not.

Can gay people become pregnant?

Yes, but only gay women. Gay men cannot.

Why do most people want to be gay?

No, most people don't want to be gay. People who are gay are either happy, or not, with the way they are. People who are straight do not want to become gay. Anyway, it is not possible to seriously change from one to the other. Nobody can become gay, everyone is born knowing they are gay. Some people are too afraid to come out and accept that they're attracted to their gender, so those who "become gay" have always been gay, they just came out a little later than they should have.

Why do most people become gay?

Nobody can become gay. Sexual orientation is something you're born with. Also, gay people only make up about 3% to 8% of the population, so it's not "most people."

When did gay people started becoming gay?

Gay people do not "become" gay. Sexual orientation is fixed at a very early age, possibly birth or prenatally. There have been gay people since the dawn of humanity.

How a gay can become normal?

Gay people are already as normal as straight people are. So there is nothing else needed to do.

Can people help being gay?

No. You are born gay, or you develop your sexual orientation at a very early age. After that it is not possible to change. In most countries in the world there is strong social stigma against being gay. So if people could decide NOT to be gay, then millions of young people would change and become straight. This doesn't happen, because they can't! The only choice gay people have is whether to stay ashamed in the closet, or to stand up proud.

Can a straight become gay or a gay become straight?

No. It is literally Impossible. If you are gay then you were gay from the start. If you are gay you cannot become straight. If you are straight you cannot become gay. You can do gay acts but you wont literally be gay. I am of the opinion that you are born one way or the other, many gay people try to become straight, when they should just go with the flow. It is nothing to be ashamed of at all, those that believe that are living in the past. We should be supportive of those who come out. They are still the same people they were before, sexual orientation should not be an issue.

Can gay people adapt to the environment?

All people, gay or straight, adapt to their environments. But if you are asking if a gay person can become straight, the answer is no. It's not possible.

What kinds of hormones are taken of those gay people that they are become a girl?

You're thinking of transgender people, not gay people. Gay people do not "become a girl" unless they are also transgender. Transgender people can be gay, straight, or anything else.For more information about the hormones that Transgender women take, click here.

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