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Yes, but only gay women. Gay men cannot.

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Q: Can gay people become pregnant
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Related questions

Why do people decide to become gay?

People don't decide to become gay, they're born like that.

Do gay people get pregnent?

Only gay women can get pregnant. The men can't.

Can gay people become straight?

No, people are born gay and always will be gay, they can't change it, and they shouldn't have to.

Do gay people get pregnant?

Yes -- if they have heterosexual intercourse. And a lot of gay people have had at least one heterosexual experience.

Why they become gay in family?

Nobody becomes gay. People are either born gay or they are not.

Can a gay man be pregnant?

No, a man can't be pregnant. Gay or straight. There have been cases of women who have become pregnant while in the process of having a sex change, so that they became a pregnant man. But that is the only way. Anything else is a hoax.

Can you get pregnant if you're gay?

The only way to get pregnant is if you are a female - with eggs, periods, and a womb. If you're a lesbian and have sex with a man without using protection then you will most likely become pregnant. Gay men cannot become pregnant, but they can impregnate women. If you are a lesbian woman, you can get pregnant, but only if you have sex with a man or undergo a fertility procedure that uses banked sperm cells.

Can severe stress in a pregnant woman cause a male child to become gay?

No, there is no study that supports this.

Why do most people want to be gay?

No, most people don't want to be gay. People who are gay are either happy, or not, with the way they are. People who are straight do not want to become gay. Anyway, it is not possible to seriously change from one to the other. Nobody can become gay, everyone is born knowing they are gay. Some people are too afraid to come out and accept that they're attracted to their gender, so those who "become gay" have always been gay, they just came out a little later than they should have.

Why do most people become gay?

Nobody can become gay. Sexual orientation is something you're born with. Also, gay people only make up about 3% to 8% of the population, so it's not "most people."

When did gay people started becoming gay?

Gay people do not "become" gay. Sexual orientation is fixed at a very early age, possibly birth or prenatally. There have been gay people since the dawn of humanity.

How a gay can become normal?

Gay people are already as normal as straight people are. So there is nothing else needed to do.

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