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You're thinking of transgender people, not gay people. Gay people do not "become a girl" unless they are also transgender. Transgender people can be gay, straight, or anything else.

For more information about the hormones that Transgender women take, click here.

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Q: What kinds of hormones are taken of those gay people that they are become a girl?
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The hormones that are small nonpolar and can be taken orally yet are not steroids are?

thyroid hormones (T3 and T4)

Do transgenders still get their period?

If hormones are taken and surgery is undergone, then no.

Why do people take drugs in sports?

Sports people take drugs because it increases muscle mass and your body will then produce more blood Some of the drugs taken by sports people are false hormones which make you more determined to win Peptide hormones, analogues and anabolic agents all increase the size of muscles or help growth. Diuretics allow you to lose weight by increasing the amount of urine you pass.

When to take a contraceptive pill?

You should take contraceptives when you become sexually active. Contraceptives provide an extra dosage of hormones in your body( estrogen and progesterone are common hormones in contraceptives), to protect you from pregnancy. Contraceptives need to be taken everyday at the same time in order to be 99.9% effective.

Can a transgender have babies?

Before they have the final surgery and change their genitals, yes. Then they are still full functioning men and women. (Adding to this) before surgery a lot of transgender people take estrogen or testosterone to make then more feminine or masculine. When they take those hormones they become infertile. So if they haven't taken hormones and haven't had bottom surgery, then yes they can have kids. Hope this helped ❤

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their rights and freedoms were being taken away in Germany.

How do the hormones released by the endocrine glands get around the body?

Hormones are released directly into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands. They are then taken by the circulatory system to their target tissues.

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Do FtM trans people go through menopause?

If the FTM process is complete the Ovaries & Uterus is taken & surgicaly induced menopause strats right then. The coctail of hormones that are taken to produce hair growth and change the feminine traits will reduce the menopause symptoms.

What 2 sets of hormones have opposing actions?

Insulin, which signals for energetic substrate such as sugar to be taken into the cells, and glucagon, which signals for energetic substrate such as triglycerides to be taken out.

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