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that is a very tricky question

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Q: Why do girls ask boys to touch their private parts?
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Why do girls have nastier private parts than boys?

its a vagina its not nasty its sexy

Why do boys have different private parts than girls?

Girls and boys have different privates so they when they are born we can tell what sex they are. (If they are a girl or a boy).

What are girls private areas on their body?

Girls have a thing called a vagina.(The thing they pee out of) And their boobs. And if you are boys who are reading this you can kiss these parts.

Why shouldn't boys touch girls?

they have cooties.

Why do boys like tickle girls?

cause they want to touch the girls

Why are boys called boys?

Because they are boys and they have different parts from girls

There are 250 people the ratio of boys to girls is 2 to 3 how man boys is there?

100 boys. Ratio boys to girls is 2:3 ⇒ 2 parts are boys, 3 parts are girls. So there are 2 + 3 = 5 parts in all. 250 people ÷ 5 parts = 50 people per part Boys: 2 parts x 50 people per part = 100 boys Girls: 3 parts x 50 people per part = 150 girls

What part of the body do girls have but boys dont?

Girls have several parts to the body that boys don't. They are parts to do with reproduction and child birth.

Do boys like girls around their private?


Do girls like feel up boys?

If they are already going out and not in inappropriate places. Dont touch private places of random girls or just dont touch random girls.

Is the Private series by Kate Brian for boys too?

It is unlimited to both boys and girls.

How hairy should a 14 year old boy be?

private parts, armpits, chest, legs, arms and face ( boys ) private parts and armpits ( Girls ) Though it depends on your genes and weight and height! Not much hair unless you are a monkey