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there are sometimes boys are smarter, and sometimes girls are smarter. for example, boys are mostly better in math than girls. another example, girls are mostly better in art than boys.

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Q: Are girl smarter them boys or boys or smarter then girls?
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What is smarter girls or boys?

girl's have more brain cells

Are girls cleverer then boys?

boys are much smarter than girl everyone knows that

Are girls smarter?

No. not girls are boys are smarter. There is some smart girls and some smart boys

Is a girl smarter than a girl?

Yes girls are smarter than girls.

How can you say boys are more intelligent than girls?

You really can't say that boys are smarter than girls because everyone has their own level of learning. Some girls can be smarter than some boys and some boys can be smarter girls.

Can girls be stronger than boys?

ya they can well I guess some boys can be stronger than a girl and if your one of those girls I hope your smart! girls are usally smarter than boys and defently prettier!

Are boys bretter than girls?

Boys are much smarter than girls

Are boys smarter that girls?

No actuley boys are not but girls aren 't eathier.

Who is physically stronger teenage boys or teenage girls?

Even as a girl I admit that usually boys are stronger than girls. But girls are often smarter than boys. Im okay with that because I wouldn't want a boyfriend who is weaker than me or smarter than me. :] The girl will be smarter than the boy about 50% of the time. She'll be stronger than him <1% of the time.

Are boys more better than girl?

Well, the excact science of that is that there are more girls in the worlds than boys and they are smarter but boys are stronger and bigger, usually.

Are girls dumber then boys are the other way around?

boys are smarter

How smart are girls?

Girls are smarter than boys by one percent -.-