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TO BE HONEST I AM A GIRL MYSELF and truely boys are better than girls but boys just do not uses there brain .girls arn't better than boys .but scense they aren't using there brain that god has gaven them people say girls are better cause firls get more feelings that boys girls actully uses there brains .

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Q: Why girls are more better than boys?
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Do girls better than boys yes girls are better than boys?

answerno boys are not better than girls because girls are smarter than the boys(noooooo!!!!)

Are boys better children than girls?

well... girls are more mature than boys and are always sensible but boys are more mature when there about 13

Why do boys have it better than girls?

the girls upper chest is thicker than a boys which makes boys usually more athletic

Who has better motor skills boys or girls?

Boys have more motor skills than girls.

Are girls better in the Olympics then boys?

yes and no it depends what the competition is...the girls are more flexible than boys.

Do girls have a better sense of smell than boys?

No. Girls are more observent.

Can girls concentrate more than boys?

sometimes,because girls can concentrate than boys and sometimes boys can concentrate than girls.. yes girls could conentrate more than boys because can get discracted is easily

Who is better at the stroop effect boys or girls?

Girls are better than boys because they developoed faster than the boys did

Why do girls have the better memory than boys?

they care more

Are boys stronger than girls naturally?

Boys are genetically more likely to have better muscles, but of course there are plenty of girls stronger than boys.

Give an exmple of sexism?

Boys are better than Girls and Girls are better than Boys.

Do girls have it better than boys?

No, girls don't have to go to war and fight and die. Girls can do more then boys, but I agree boys do tend to be stronger than girls but it all depends on the Person. No one is really better.