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Girls have a thing called a vagina.(The thing they pee out of) And their boobs. And if you are boys who are reading this you can kiss these parts.

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Q: What are girls private areas on their body?
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Do girls like it when guys squeeze them?

Umm obviously no. Girls don't like it when guys touch their "private" areas. And it is disgusting.

How do you get rid of odor in private areas of the body?

Shower daily and after you exercise.

Can you see a girls private part on there body?

yes you can see there breasts

What is the meaning of area public and private areas?

Public areas are areas that are open to the public. Private areas are areas that are not open to the public.

Where do ticks most commonly live?

They mostly live in hot sweaty areas of your body like your pits or your private.

What is a girls vinga?

Their private

Why don't women show their breasts?

We all have our private areas. Guys keep their butt and genitals closed, girls do the same plus their boobs. im guessing the rule is anyting that sticks out and is round and stuff is private.

What do sexy girls do in bed with other girls?

they do private stuff

What do guys have that girls do not?

the private part

What is a dradle?

its a girls private part

What is Diznick?

private part of girls

Why not to go to an all girls private school?

You do have to wear an uncomfortable uniform and expectations are way higher, but mostly, private girls schools are nice and teach you a lot. Some people say that girls who go to private schools are stuck up but I have a few friends who go to private girls schools and they love it there. They admit that there are bullies and annoying girls but isn't that the case with most schools? So your question is, in a way, your answer. Why notgo to an all girls private school?

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