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Sometimes a woman's period is irregular. They could have their period one month, skip the next, then get it again. This happens more when women are just getting their period (more in teenage years)

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Q: Why did you miss your period last month and it came on the next month?
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Can a woman be pregnant if you miss your period last month but pregnancy test is negative?

No test is 100% accurate.

When can you expect your period after a miss carriage?

You will have your menstruation after a month.

Do you miss your period every month when pregnant?


Does your period always start on the right day?

No. Its completely normal if yuh miss your period. Wether its a few days or a month. I missd my period last month. Im sure im going to get it soon. Yur fine.(: bt if yuh miss it for more than 2 months go see your doctor!

When should you wonder if your pregnant?

If you miss your period and have had sex that month

Will you miss your period one month after starting depo?


Is it possible for you to miss your period for a month?

Only if you're pregnant

Last month your period came 5 days late and lasted its normal 4 days but this month it hasn't came yet why does it do that?

Not necessarily. Sometimes stress or other underlying issues can cause you to miss a period. You should take a pregnancy test to be sure. If it comes up negative, wait a while and see if you get your period next month. If you do not get your period the following month, or if the pregnancy test comes up positive then you should go see an OB-GYN.

Can you miss a period by being to nervous to miss the period?

No - stress or other issues may cause your period to be delayed a day or so but not miss a period altogether. ok if you missed your period one month do not worry just be happy

What if you stop taking pills after your period last month then had sex this month without protection and no pills and you miss your period then on the same day you start taking the pills not the morn?

You're probably pregnant, and no amount of birth control is going to reverse it.

If a woman gets two periods will she miss a period the following month?

A women is supposed to have only one period every month, so if she has two in a month which is rare the chances are that she may not have a period the following month.

How do you term a pregnancy before a month of being pregnant?

you count how far along you are by the first day of your last period. So by the time you miss your period you are technically considered 2 weeks pregnant.