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Only if you're pregnant

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Q: Is it possible for you to miss your period for a month?
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Is it possible to miss your period one month and get it twice the next?

i have had my period ever day since sept.

What does it mean if your period doesn't come for a month?

If your period is a month late or you miss a period it can simply mean you didn't ovulate that month due to stress or ill health, there are various possible reasons. The odd late or absent period is nothing to worry about, if you miss more than three cycles in a row then see your doctor.

Do you miss your period every month when pregnant?


When can you expect your period after a miss carriage?

You will have your menstruation after a month.

When should you wonder if your pregnant?

If you miss your period and have had sex that month

Will you miss your period one month after starting depo?


Can you miss a period by being to nervous to miss the period?

No - stress or other issues may cause your period to be delayed a day or so but not miss a period altogether. ok if you missed your period one month do not worry just be happy

How long is it possible for you to miss your period if you have a IUD?

It depends on the IUD. I was on Mirena and I missed several periods, I can't tell you about other makes. I have a IUD for thre and a half years. I havn't had a single period. It depends whether you get a hormonal or non-hormonal IUD. I have an IUD that is non hormonal, and just contains copper. This causes a hostile environment for sperm (as copper kills sperm) without affecting my ovulation or other hormonal patterns. Hormonal IUD's are available which repress ovulation and some can also create a mucus plug which aids in preventing sperm from getting past the cervix. Nice to know we have options :)