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If your period is a month late or you miss a period it can simply mean you didn't ovulate that month due to stress or ill health, there are various possible reasons. The odd late or absent period is nothing to worry about, if you miss more than three cycles in a row then see your doctor.

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2015-03-05 11:58:28
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Q: What does it mean if your period doesn't come for a month?
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What does it mean when you don't have a period?

it means that your period may be irregular if it doesn't come every month or that you may be pregnant.

If you dont come on your period does it mean your pregante?

If you mean come, as in having an orgasm, then no, your not pregnant. Nor are you pregnant if you dont have a menstrual cycle one month.

What does it mean if you have your period for a whole month?

period for more than a month means?

If your period starts at the end of a month and goes into the start of the next month does that mean your next period will come at the start of the next month?

no it is every 28 days not months..look on the internet if you're still unsure

What does it mean when your period is one day late?

your period is just late,it doesnt mean that you are pregnant

What happen if your period haven't come and your worried?

Well If ur period haven't come yet It doesn't mean that u r pregnant ... u can have some irregularity on ur period cyclo... My advice is to wait some days if it doesnt come get a pregnancy test.

What does it mean when you still on your period after your period?

It means that you still on your period and it will stop shortly.If it doesnt get medical help.

How long does lunar eclipse come?

It happens every month, but that does not mean in the same place. Lunar eclipses happen twice a year in a 1-2 month period.

I came on my period two times in the same month what does that mean?

my period came 2 time in the same month

What does it mean to have a period for over a month?

It means your weird ....

What does an Off and on period mean?

An off and on period is when one month you have it then the next month (s) you don't that's all it means.

What does it mean when a girl has cramps for about a week but doesnt get her menstrual period?

It may be a sign that her period is coming soon.

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