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Roughly 14 days after her last period, although it is possible to get pregnant at any time

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Q: Which days are the most fertile days for a woman?
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How fertile is a woman immediately after her period?

How fertile a woman is after menstruation depends on the woman and on her menstrual cycle. During the average 28 day cycle a woman is most likely to ovulate on day 14 and can be fertile between days 7-16 - if a woman's cycle is shorter she could ovulate directly after menstruation so be at her most fertile.

Are you still fertile after your period?

You're only fertile for around 10 days of your cycle at most, when you are fertile depends on your cycle and you can't determine when you're fertile unless using fertility awareness method. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile around days 7-16.

Can you get pregnant 2 to three days after your ovulating days?

Although a woman is most fertile about 14 days after her period starts, she can get pregnant during other times of her cycle.

How many days that the girl is fertile after their menstruation?

A woman is only fertile for around 30% of her menstrual cycle at most - there is only a phase of around 10 days when a woman can get pregnant, it is biologically impossible to conceive as a result of sex any other time.During an average 28 day menstrual cycle a woman would be fertile from days 7-16 - this includes ovulation on day 14, there may be a viable egg for up to 48 hours, and a week beforehand when fertile quality cervical mucus is present. When a woman is fertile or not depends on her cycle, the only way she would know when she is fertile would be if she was using fertility awareness method.

Can a women only get pregnant two days out of the month?

No; there are a few days around ovulation when a woman is most fertile, but it is possible to get pregnant on ANY day of the month

When is woman most fertile after her period?

A woman is most fertile during ovulation and around a week beforehand when she is producing fertile quality cervical mucus. During a 28 day cycle this will be around days 7-16: ovulation occurs around two weeks before menstruation and there can be a viable egg for up to 48 hours. Unless a woman uses fertility awareness method you cannot know when you are fertile or not.

Is a woman fertile 3 days after her period?

It depends on her cycle, but very likely. A woman is fertile during ovulation (which is typically two weeks before menstruation) and up to a week beforehand when there is fertile quality cervical mucus present - thus during an average 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile potentially days 7-16 of her cycle.

What are your most furtal days after your period?

When you are fertile depends on your menstrual cycle, everyone is different and unless you use FAM you can't know for certain when you're fertile. During the typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile around days 7-16, but again everyone is different.

How many days does a woman fertile after her menstruation?

Usually up to two weeks.

What is fertile in menstrual cycle?

The term fertile means when you are able to get pregnant. During a typical menstrual cycle of 28 days a woman would likely be fertile between days 7-16 of the menstrual cycle.

When is a woman's peak fertility period?

if a woman has a regular menstrual period then her most fertile day is the 14th day from LMP (last menstrual period). say she has her last menstruation march 30 , she has to count 14 days from march 30 then that would mean her fertility period is April 13.

When is the best time for a woman to conceive a baby?

Women are considered most fertile during the 10 to 18 days following their last menstrual cycle.