When is a woman's peak fertility period?

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if a woman has a regular menstrual period then her most fertile day is the 14th day from LMP (last menstrual period). say she has her last menstruation march 30 , she has to count 14 days from march 30 then that would mean her fertility period is April 13.

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When a woman is fertile depends on her menstrual cycles, everyone is different and unless she uses FAM she cannot know for certain when she is fertile or not. During the average 28 day cycle a woman will likely be fertile between days 7-16. This includes ovulation and the days prior when fertile cervical mucus is present. If trying to conceive use FAM, otherwise use birth control.

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Q: When is a woman's peak fertility period?
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How long is the pregnancy fertility window?

Your peak fertility window is approximately 24-48 hours after ovulation. However, it is possible to conceive at any point during the month, even during your period.

How can FSH be used as a fertility drug?

FSH can be used as a fertility drug because it stimulates eggs to mature in the ovary and so increases the womans chance of getting pregnant.

What is a womens first period called?

A womans first period is referred to as menarche.

How long can a womans sexual peak last?

It can last from a minute to 20 minutes depending on the pleasure.

Can smoking marajawana stop a womans period?

Not at all.

Does a womans menstrual cycle start the first day of bleeding?

Yes, a womans cycle is calculated from the first day of her period

What is ovulation bleeding?

Blood that is passed during a womans period

Can you be pregnant if the condom slipped a little a week after your period and not birth control Yes he did ejaculate?

Yes, a week after your period puts you at the beginning of your peak fertility, if you ovulate in the next 5 days you could get pregnant. Using a condom with spermicide greatly reduces the risk.

Cramps below a womans stomach?

you will most likely be getting your period.

What is the average length of a womans period?

The avage is 5-6 days

How do you determine a woman mestrual period with age?

a womans period should come at an average of every 28 days

On what days do a woman take fertility blend?

Usually, a woman would take a fertility blend during her ovulation period. However, a fertility specialist is best suited to give the woman specific instructions about when to take the fertility bland.

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