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You're only fertile for around 10 days of your cycle at most, when you are fertile depends on your cycle and you can't determine when you're fertile unless using fertility awareness method. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile around days 7-16.

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Q: Are you still fertile after your period?
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Are you most fertile on your period?

i have found it the most accurate that you are the most fertile on your period because that egg is still being release and if the sperm is in there it could stay in there longer then it would not on your period

Can you have unprotected sex on your period?

no you still have to be protected. i cant remember but the monthly ovulation cycle either makes you most fertile or the least fertile when your on your period.... jenny x

Your period started February 8 when will be your fertile period?

Your first period is a fertile period. They all are. So, to answer your question, your fertile period will be February 8th.

Your period last for 3 days can you still conceive?

Yes. Every woman's period is different. A period that lasts only three days will still expel an egg, and a woman is still fertile afterward.

Are you fertile the day after your period?

no your not you fertile from 6-10 days after your period

What is the period preceding menopause?

The fertile period

Can a girl be fertile 3 days before her period?

No, you become fertile after your period. ITs called a menstruel cycle because you menstrate first, then ovulate.

Are you fertile 3 days after your period?

How old are you? You only become fertile after sex, and even then it needs to be unprotected sex. Generally for a few days after a period is the LEAST fertile time. This is the time Catholic folks schedule intercourse for practicing birth control without chemicals or pills. However, having said that, it is possible for a pregnancy to still occur but the percentage is low.

If you come of your period a day before having unprotectied sex could i still gt pregnant?

Yes. Believe it or not, the period is the most fertile time. You're an idiot for having unprotected sex.

When you know that you are fertile?

Two weeks after your period

Are women least fertile right after their period?


How do you know if a man is fertile?

if you have your period, than no.