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Your first period is a fertile period. They all are. So, to answer your question, your fertile period will be February 8th.

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2008-02-27 02:54:15
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Q: Your period started February 8 when will be your fertile period?
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Your period started August 8 when started your period in the next period?

Probably around September 8th

When Sonny With a Chance started?

February 8 2009.

Im 9 and have started your period?

That is fine that you have started your period. It can range from the ages 8-16 so i wouldn't worry about it.

You started your period at 8 are you normal?

Yes, Starting Your Period At 8 Is Completey Normal. You Can Start From 8-16 Years Old. x

What date in February does NCIS start Season 8 again?

Season 8 has already started.

Can you get pregnant 8 days after your period is over?

Yes u can!!! In fact the closer you are to the mid-point between your periods the more fertile you are, but you can get pregnant the day after you period.

Can little girls like 8 year old get pregnant?

no but they can get sex well actually it depends my best friends mother started her period at 8, once u have started ur period u can get pregnant so it depends on if uve started ur period yet.

Why haven't i started my period?

It depends on your age. If youre below 9 you wont get your period, but if youre above 8 then its possible to get a period.

Can you be pregnant if your period started 8 days later?

maybe the chances are increased

Can a 8 year old girl have a baby?

If she has started menstruating (gotten her Period), yes.

Can a 8 year old girl's have a baby?

If she has started menstruating (gotten her Period), yes.

If baby due date is 8 of November when was he or she consieve?

last period was February 13 and the due date is November 8 when he or she conceived?

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