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no you still have to be protected. i cant remember but the monthly ovulation cycle either makes you most fertile or the least fertile when your on your period.... jenny x

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Q: Can you have unprotected sex on your period?
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When do i know its time to take a pregnancy test?

When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period

Can you get pregnant after you had unprotected sex but get your period?

yes you can

You had unprotected sex while you were on your period are you pregnant?


You had unprotected sex on the first few days of your period could you be pregnant?

If you have unprotected sex EVER you csn get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex the day after your period?


Can i be pregnant if i had unprotected sex on my period?

yes, you can get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have unprotected sex if you have period?

No you cannot get pregnant.

You had unprotected sex about 5 days after your period ended now its been 1 week since you had unprotected sex and you have dull period like pain and a little nausea do you think you could be pregnant?

yes yes, you can get pregnant anytime you have unprotected sex

Is it possible to get pregnant if you had unprotected sex while you had your period?


You had unprotected sex a month and got your periods normally recently will you get pregnant?

No, not unless you have had unprotected sex since your last period. Then there may be a chance.

You had unprotected sex whilst on your period how soon can you do a test?

As soon as your first missed period.

What if your period is due in twelve days and you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex last night could you be pregnant?

YES. Doesn't matter when you have unprotected sex, short of doing it when you are actually on your period you can get pregnant.

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