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Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, California, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, DC, New Jersey, Arizona, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut are the 18+ States and DC that have legalized medical marijuana.

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There are many places where it is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes. It is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes in eighteen different states and Washington DC.

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Q: Where is it legal to use marijuana for medical purpose?
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Is marijuana a medical purpose or legal use?


Is the use of medical marijuana legal in California?

For medicinal purpose, Marijuana is legalized in California

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

When did marijuana become legal for medical use in California?


Should the growing of marijuana for medical use be legal?


What could be a legal or medical reason to prescribe alcohol or marijuana?

This is a delicate issue which couldn't be discussed over here. There is a lot of alternative therapies that can be used instead alcohol or marijuana. So, there isn't any legal or medical reason to use such substances for any purpose.

Is marijuana legal in El Paso?

Other than Medical use, no. Marijuana is not legal in El Paso, Texas thus far.

What are the legal issues of Marijuana?

They are debating as to weither to allow the use of Marijuana in the medical field or to just have it be banned.

Will marijuana ever be legal for medical use in the state of Virginia?

Eventually, yes.

Where is medical marijuana available in India?

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in India with a government issued license.

Is recreational marijuana use legal?

No, the use of marijuana is not legal.

Can a landlord kick someone out due to medical marijuana use?

You first have to refer to your lease. If there is nothing in there that restricts medical marijuana use in their unit, NO. As long as you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and there is nothing in your lease that prohibits it, there is nothing they can do about it. It is considered your medicine.

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