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Q: When did marijuana become legal for medical use in California?
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In which states is medical marijuana legal?


What states medical marijuana is legal?


Is the use of medical marijuana legal in California?

For medicinal purpose, Marijuana is legalized in California

What are some attractions in California?

Medical marijuana is legal.

Where in California is it legal to grow pot?

its not legal anywhere unless you have a medical marijuana license

Is it legal for a felon to grow medical marijuana in California?

Depends on the felony.

When will recreational use of marijuana become legal in Nevada?

in California

Is weed legal in dc?

Marijuana is currently illegal in all states of America apart from medical marijuana, which is only legal in the state of California.

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

Are there any medical facilities that provide marijuana treatment for glaucoma?

There are many medical facilities that provide medical marijuana treatment for glaucoma. Almost all of these medical facilities are located in the state of California where medical marijuana is legal.

Is it legal to prescribe marijuana for medical conditions?

Yes depending on what state you live in the are medical marijuana programs designed to prescribe marijuana to patients either in pill form or marijuana to smoke. I am a patient of medical marijuana my self in California and I buy my medical marijuana from several medical marijuana dispensaries in my town

Is it legal in California to grow marijuana with medical card?

no it is not. it can only be grown with a seperate lisence.

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