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Eventually, yes.

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Q: Will marijuana ever be legal for medical use in the state of Virginia?
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Is marijuanna illegal?

Yes it is. unless you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal but to get medical marijuana you need to have a medical marijuana card which you get from a doctor. For MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY!

Can you get a medical marijuana card in North Carolina?

No, medical marijuana as an herb is still banned. However, North Carolina does allow CBD oil for those with severe seizures.

Is weed legal in dc?

Marijuana is currently illegal in all states of America apart from medical marijuana, which is only legal in the state of California.

Is it legal to prescribe marijuana for medical conditions?

Yes depending on what state you live in the are medical marijuana programs designed to prescribe marijuana to patients either in pill form or marijuana to smoke. I am a patient of medical marijuana my self in California and I buy my medical marijuana from several medical marijuana dispensaries in my town

Are there any medical facilities that provide marijuana treatment for glaucoma?

There are many medical facilities that provide medical marijuana treatment for glaucoma. Almost all of these medical facilities are located in the state of California where medical marijuana is legal.

How can marijuana be legal in a state?

If you have a terminal illness and doctors prescribe you medical weed. but only then is it legal in the US

Is legal medical marijuana passed in California?

Marijuana is not legal in any state, however California has decriminalized it and it is only suppose to be used for medicinal purposes.

Is marijuana legal all over California?

Possible: Yes, it is possible to buy marijuana in California. State laws: Yes. Technically, buying marijuana is not illegal at the state level, but possession without a medical permit is still illegal.

When will marijuana ever be legal for medical use in the state of Virginia?

They're working on it, but the last time I checked they even thought of a ballot measure to legalize it completely. Hang in there, VA could be one of the next legal states.

Are medical cannabis cards legal in other legal states?

Check the state's laws before attempting to purchase marijuana.

What is the Pain Relief Network?

i think that depends on which state you live in. if medical marijuana is legal in your state thats what the network would be

Can a landlord kick someone out due to medical marijuana use?

You first have to refer to your lease. If there is nothing in there that restricts medical marijuana use in their unit, NO. As long as you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and there is nothing in your lease that prohibits it, there is nothing they can do about it. It is considered your medicine.