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One should refrain from using so that no elements of the drug are left in the body to cause complications. Even though Marijuana can be detected in urine or blood for up to a month after use, this is only because a remnant is stored in the fat cells. Active elements of the drugs are usually gone within a few days.

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Q: When should you stop smoking marijuana before surgery?
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How long should stop smoking marijuana before mouth swab drug test?

four weeks

Will i get an infection if i smoke marijuana after a temporary filling on a root canal and how long should i wait before it is safe to smoke again?

Smoking "anything" --- and that certainly includes marijuana, slows down (in some cases, dramatically) the healing process because of the tar and nicotine (and who knows what in marijuana). Also, the inhalation of any "smoking" puts pressure on the socket, further slowing down the healing process. Keep away from smoking for at least 5 to 7 days after surgery.

Should you have a hysteroscopy if you have been smoking Marijuana?


What restrictions must a person who smokes comply with the evening before outpatient surgery?

Smokers should stop or cut back on smoking prior to surgery.

How many hours do you wait smoking weed before surgery?

you should wait at least 7 hours before or you could have stomach bleeding

Can a smoker have coronary artery bypass graft surgery?

The individual should quit smoking or using tobacco products before the surgery. The individual needs to make the commitment to be a nonsmoker after the surgery.

How much prior to surgery should the use of marijuana be eliminated?

Marijuana is a precious substance.

Smoking marijuana and taking high blood pressure medication hurt you?

It obviously impairs your spelling and grammar. You really should stop smoking marijuana. It's illegal.

How long do you have to wait to breastfeed after smoking weed?

You should not be smoking marijuana and breastfeeding. While there is no solid evidence that marijuana usage can effect breast milk, it is best to avoid it entirely.

Does smoking pot a week before surgery make a difference?

It is critical that patients quit smoking all substances before surgery, including marijuana; these substances can have the same detrimental effects on surgery as nicotine. For example, they can make patients more or less susceptible to anesthetics. The carbon monoxide found in any kind of smoke affects blood pressure, making it more difficult for the blood to carry oxygen.Patients should feel comfortable telling their anesthesiologist if they have been smoking or using other substances before surgery, as this information will remain confidential and is important to their care.Source: would matter a great deal to me and to the American Medical Association if you were the surgeon who was smoking pot before surgery. That would be the test, wouldn't it? Pot won't hurt you...if you believe that, then you shouldn't mind if your surgeon is high.

Marijuana and Viagra will it work to get erection?

This is a very dangerous combination. Marijuana is a relaxant and Viagra is a stimulant. Smoking marijuana will cause the erection problems, so if you want to take Viagra, you should quit smoking pot altogether.

Is smoking weed before getting a tattoo a good idea?

Smoking marijuana before getting a tattoo should have no effect to the tattoo process. Other pain killers like Advil before a tattoo on the other hand will thin your blood and cause bleeding during the process.