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This is a very dangerous combination. Marijuana is a relaxant and Viagra is a stimulant.

Smoking marijuana will cause the erection problems, so if you want to take Viagra, you should quit smoking pot altogether.

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Q: Marijuana and Viagra will it work to get erection?
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Can Viagra simply be used to make an existing erection harder?

Doesn't work that way. All Viagra does is allow you to have an erection. You get the same amount of firmness that you would if you didn't need the Viagra.

Is circumcision a reason for Viagra use?

Viagra has no connection of whatsoever to circumcision, it is a treatment for male who has problem with erection or keeping an erection.

What about Viagra is it safe does it work?

Viagra is a pill that temporarily allows the male to gain an erection, yes it is safe, the only problem is the person under viagra cannot control when this effect ends.

What medicines are available for erection problems?

Medicines that are available for erection problems are Viagra, Trazodone, Phetolamine, Yohimbine, Apomorphine, and Alprostadil. The most efficient medicine available is Viagra because an enzyme within Viagra turns off the erection.

What herbs are best to get a hard erection?


Will Viagra helps to maintain erection?


Can Viagra increase blood pressure?

No it increases your erection

Can a woman get pregnant when a man is on Viagra?

Of course she can. Viagra is only a drug that aids the man to achieve an erection.

It is true that Viagra medicine will help sex last longer?

No; that's not the purpose of Viagra; its purpose is to help with erection problems, in other words, if you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection.

What happens if you use expired Viagra?

Zoubi You get an expired Erection

What happens if you use Viagra that expired?

Zoubi You get an expired Erection

If you cant get a erection with your girlfriend?

Take Viagra. It helps you alot.

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