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you should wait at least 7 hours before or you could have stomach bleeding

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Q: How many hours do you wait smoking weed before surgery?
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How many hours till after surgery can you eat?

Depends on the surgery.

Preparations Before Bariatric Surgery?

There are many things a person can do to help themselves prepare before bariatric surgery. Before having the surgery performed, it is important that the patient fully understands what the surgery entails and the potential risks and complications that are involved. A consultation with a board certified physician can help a patient feel more prepared and be more knowledgeable about the surgery. Usually before a patient undergoes bariatric surgery, their doctor recommends that they start to eat a healthy diet and engage in an exercise program. If the patient is a smoker, it is also in their best interests to quit smoking at least a month before the procedure, which will lessen the risk of any complications during and after the surgery.

How many hours can a heart surgery take?

Open Heart takes 6 hours

How many hours should you eat prior to general anesthesia?

As a general rule, you should not eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery. Under some circumstances, you may be given permission by your anesthesiologist to drink clear liquids up to a few hours before your anesthesia.Source:

Where can one observe before and after plastic surgery photos?

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Working in a smoking bar for 8 hours is the same as smoking how many cigarettes?

Don't know you cant smoke any where these days.

How long does open heart last?

Open heart surgery can last many hours; ranging from 6 hours to 24 hours.

What are facts about getting plastic surgery?

There are many serious facts about getting plastic surgery. Usually after you get surgery, the area you got surgery looks worst then it did before.

What do vets do in the morning from eight to ten?

Many perform surgery during the morning hours.

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Can you explain what a bariatric surgery program is?

A bariatric surgery program is the program the surgeon prepared to make sure your surgery can be as successful as possible. You surgeon spends many hours preparing samples and charts to figure out the best time for your surgery.

What should you discuss with your surgeon before eyelift surgery?

When preparing for cosmetic surgery. It is important to discuss many factors with your surgeon. You wouldn