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Any side you want, If you get your nose pierced on the left do the lip ring on.the opposite so it don't look dumb.

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Q: What side should your nose and lip piercings be?
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What side should nose and lip piercings be?

straight in the eye

Snake bite piercings?

Snakebites are when you have two lip piercings, one either side on the bottom of your lip.

Which side the lips piercing should be to the gay?

Either, there's no preference With lip piercings

How much do lip and nose piercings hurt compared to earlobes?

Considering the lip and nose will be done with a piercing needle in a licensed and inspected facility by a trained and experienced professional body piercer, it should be no problem, just a mild pinch.

What are angel bite piercing?

two upper lip piercings. (one on each side of the lip.)

How many piercings does Kerli have?

Inked Magazine reports that the she has 7 piercings: "two in her lip, one nose, one eyebrow, her tongue, below her lip, and one nipple." She often wears beads under her eyes, but they are not real piercings.

If I have my right side nose pierced which side should i get my lip piercing?

i think middle piercings are always a cool choice, that way the face doesn't look to heavy on one side or to uneven, if you pierce the right side you risk looking unsymmetrical, which takes away from natural appeal, if you get the left side you risk looking messy, but middle bottom lip piercings usually look good no mater what, and a double stud pierce might work as well, though if you have a stud on your nose then i suggest a ring on the lip, here are two pictures that you could consider, one being a double stud, the other a middle pierce.

What does the piercing panda kisses look like?

it's a set of spiderbite piercings on each side of your lower lip. so the right side of your lower lip has two piercings and the left side of your lower lip has two piercings. Also, it is occasionally used to describe the double labret, usually snakebites, when they are vertical labret. So it would be two vertical labret.

What do you call two piercings on the bottom lip on the same side?

Snakebites? NO two piercings on the left and two on the right are called SPIDERBITES[: i know because i have them

Which side should you pierce your lip if you already have a stud on the right side of your nose?

I would get it on the opposite side of your nose piercing. Just because I like symmetry. It really just depends on your preference

What is a snake bite piercing?

Two lower lip piercings, usually one of the left and one on the right so it looks like snake bites/fangs. Google image to see pics snake bites are lip piercings. One piercing is on the left side of your bottom lip and is close to the side of your mouth and the other piercing is to the right side of your mouth. Snake bites aren't like normal lip piercings. Snake bites are about a cm below your lip while a normal lip piercing is right up against your lip.

Where on your lip do you pierce to get snakebite piercings?

snakebite piercings are two piercings on both sides of your bottom lip<--well duh. but the piercings should be about a thumb width(or less) from the corners of your mouth and should be 1/2 of your pinky nail width from your lip(it could be lower or higher depending on your pinky.) if this doesnt help, look online for pictures of snakebites. (: good luck kiddo