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Inked Magazine reports that the she has 7 piercings: "two in her lip, one nose, one eyebrow, her tongue, below her lip, and one nipple." She often wears beads under her eyes, but they are not real piercings.

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Q: How many piercings does Kerli have?
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Are the piercings under kerli's eyes real?

No. Kerli does have many real piercings, but the ones beneath her eyes are fake. They are not always in the same place.

What is the birth name of Kerli?

Kerli's birth name is Kerli Kiv.

Who is better Kerli or Lykke Li?

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Is Kerli Spanish?

No. Kerli is from the country of Estonia.

Is kerli bi?

Kerli Koiv? Yes.

Is kerli married?

Kerli? Do you mean Kerli Koiv? And if you do the answer is no. She's not married.

Is Kerli Koiv a satanist?

No, Kerli Koiv is not a Satanist.

On kerli's website is it really kerli who you message?

No, it is a worker on a computer.

When was Kerli born?

Kerli was born on February 7, 1987.

What is kerli's last name?

Kerli's last name is Koiv.

What is Kerli's birthday?

Kerli was born on February 7, 1987.

Did kerli write walking on air or did Sethh and Kostja?

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