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I would get it on the opposite side of your nose piercing. Just because I like symmetry. It really just depends on your preference

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Q: Which side should you pierce your lip if you already have a stud on the right side of your nose?
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Was you wrong to let your daughter pierce her nose at 14?

no it is not wrong for your daughter to pierce her nose at 14 its legal age and if she wants to do so she should be able to its her body and her rights

Can you pierce your nose with a earring?

yes i think you can pierce your nose with an earring i did its not that bad .

If you pierce your nose on the right what does it that mean?

It means you have the right side of your nose pierced, there is no meaning in North American Culture for nose piercing. It's a matter of personal style and fashion, what looks good on you.

Which side of the nose should you pierce?

It doesn't matter. The piercing will look the same on either.

What type of nose ring should you use?

Piercers usually pierce with a nose screw because it is the most secure and best for healing.

What place will pierce my 10 year old daughters nose?

You want to pierce your ten year old daughters nose?

What shop in strood will pierce my nose im 12?

Nowhere will pierce your nose at that age. You have to be 16 to get it done with parental concent.

Does Brenda song have nose pierce?


When should you put the back piece on an healing nose pierce?

There shouldn't be a back piece.... You should either have a hoop( segment ring or CBR) or a nose screw. Neither of which have a back piece

Can you use a 15 gauge to pierce your nose?

yes you can use a 15 gauge to pierce your nose i did. and it hurt a lil bit but yes you can

Can you lose your hearing if you have your nose pierce?

no, your nose can be peirced and your ears will be unaffected.

Did Miley Cyrus pierce her nose?

yes she did