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i think middle piercings are always a cool choice, that way the face doesn't look to heavy on one side or to uneven, if you pierce the right side you risk looking unsymmetrical, which takes away from natural appeal, if you get the left side you risk looking messy, but middle bottom lip piercings usually look good no mater what, and a double stud pierce might work as well, though if you have a stud on your nose then i suggest a ring on the lip, here are two pictures that you could consider, one being a double stud, the other a middle pierce.

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Q: If I have my right side nose pierced which side should i get my lip piercing?
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When should you change your nose piercing?

If you just got your nose pierced, wait for 6 weeks, then change it if you would like to.

Does Miley Cyrus have a tongue pierce?

Yes. She has 10 piercings. -On the left ear: she has 3 lobe piercings, & 2 cartilage piercing. -On the right ear: lobe piercings on the right ear & 1 cartilage piercing. -Belly piercing. -Nose pierced, on the right side.

Has Miley Cyrus got a belly button piercing?

yes. she also has double piercing in her ear lobes, double pierced cartilage in her left ear, nose piercing (right).

If you pierce your nose on the right what does it that mean?

It means you have the right side of your nose pierced, there is no meaning in North American Culture for nose piercing. It's a matter of personal style and fashion, what looks good on you.

What side is Andy biersacks nose piercing on?

What side of Andy biersacks nose does he have pierced

Where did Miley Cyrus get her nose pierced?

Miley Cyrus did get her nose pierced but the location is unknown most likely in a L.A piercing parlor.

If someone has their nose pierced have a cold and take their nose ring out Does snot come out of the piercing hole?

no, the piercing hole is too small.

I just got my nose Pierced on saturday and its now monday i think the back of my nose ring fell out what should i do?

If you just got your ear pierced on Saturday, and its now Monday and the back of your nose ring fell off, find a saline solution and clean the nose piercing, and do not try to insert a new nose ring before your piercing is well healed.

Does getting your spectrum pierced hurt?

A septum piercing is a type of nose piercing. The cartilage is not pierced but the gap between the bottom of the nose and cartilage is. Many have said that it does not hurt very much, but everyone's tolerance is different.

How much does it cost to get your nose pierced at claire's?

Claire's does not do nose piercing. Claire's only does ear piercings.

What side of your nose should you pierced?

right because it will look cool maybe

Can you swim in the sea after a nose piercing?

well, i did the day i got mine pierced.