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Current low dose Birth Control pills are very safe for most women. It is very unlikely skipping the period or the pill free week would change the safety of the pill. Birth control pills have been used by millions of women over the past 40 years. The first birth control pills contained about 10,000 mcg of progestin and 150 mcg of estrogen. The pills being recommended for every day or continuous use have only 100 to 1000 mcg of progestin and 20 mcg of estrogen. This is a huge drop in the dose needed for the pill to work. Taking the pill every day should be no different than taking them for only 3 weeks with one week off. The effects of the pill do not totally wear off in that week anyway. Taking the pill every day should not make the hormone levels build up any more than when you take them for only 3 weeks. However, you will be getting one more week of estrogen which could increase the overall estrogen effects and this is the reason to use only the lowest estrogen dose (20 mcg) for continuous or daily use. There are published papers about skipping periods and so far there have not been any safety problems. As a matter of fact it is possible the pill could work better to prevent pregnancy if it is taken every day instead of taking a week off each month. Remember taking a pill every day to prevent periods is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and can only be done if you consult with your doctor.

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Q: What pill can you take to stop your period?
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If you take the pill when you start your period will it stop?

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

You dont want to be on your period for your party tomorow if you take your pill will it stop?

you cant just take the pill for one day for it to stop. youll have to take it over & over

Can you stop your period by taking the pill?

Yes. You can delay your period one day for each bcp that you take.

Can you stop your menstrual cycle by taking a pill?

If you're already on your period then the pill may reduce the flow of your period but will not stop it. However if you're not on your period you can stop your period by taking the pill but it isn't advisable as a permanent thing.

If i take the first birth control pill on the first day of my period will it stop my period?

Nope, sorry. It won't stop it, the only way to only have a period once every three months is to either switch to Seasonal or not take your sugar pill when it comes to that time.

Will loestrin stop your period?

My doctor said that it can stop your period. This pill is to lighten and shorten the length of your period. This pill has more days in which you actually take the bc pill. Other bc pills have like 4 fewer days then you take the sugar pills. If you want to have your period while taking this pill just disregard the last real pill. It should make your start your period. If not skip the last 2. I would talk to your doctor first.

I have started a light period whilst on the pill will continuing to take the pill prolong my bleeding or stop it?

dont ever ask a question like that again.. and if you take a bc pill then it wont stop the bleedingggggg.. ask your doctor for more information

If you just started your period and want to skip it for the month can you take start the pill the same day you got your period will it stop it?

You can try, and doing so might stop your period.

You just got a prescription to birth contol and you started your period do you take the active pill or the sugar pill?

If you just got them then i would wait until sunday or the day after you stop your period and you will start with pill number 1 then go to the sugar pills which you take while you are on your period!

How long does it take for the mini pill to stop your period?

I am not sure but i think about 2-4 hours

When do you need to take pill to stop you having period?

Yes see your heath care professional about which pill is best for you. There is no need to menstruate every month.

Can you still take your pill as usual even though your period is a week late?

Yes, many women stop menstruating while taking the pill.