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If you're already on your period then the pill may reduce the flow of your period but will not stop it. However if you're not on your period you can stop your period by taking the pill but it isn't advisable as a permanent thing.

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Q: Can you stop your menstrual cycle by taking a pill?
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Does your menstrual cycle get messed up if you stop taking the pill half way? will be very irregular but only temporarily. Then it will go back to how it was before you started on the pill.

How do stop cycle for 1 day?

taking a pill

What will be effects on your body if you stop taking birth control pill for a month or two?

Your symptoms of being on the pill will gradually decrease and you may experience irregular menstrual cycle while your body adjusts to being off the pill.

Does taking testosterone shots stop the menstrual cycle for females?


Can laxatives stop your period?

No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

If I stop taking birth control could this affect my moods?

Most pills stop the ovulation cycle and this means that for women who suffer from bad PMT, taking the pill improves their moods. Stopping the pill will allow the cycle to restart.

Will the pill help to balance hormones if trying for a baby then stop taking it?

It worked for me! I was not having a menstrual cycle. My OB prescribed birth control- after one month I had my period- two months later I was pregnant!

When a woman stops her cycle can she still get pregnant?

No, if a woman has no menstrual cycle then she cannot get pregnant. The menstrual cycle includes ovulation, no ovulation means no pregnancy. This is how hormonal Birth Control such as the combination pill works, it suppresses the menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation to prevent unintended pregnancy.

What happens if you start the pill mid cycle then stop taking it after a Few days?

It is not effective. You can get pregnant .

Can becoming sexually active change your menstrual cycle?

Becoming sexually active does not generally change your menstrual cycle. If you are using contraception, such as the birth control pill, coil or Depo Provera injection, then your menstrual cycle can change. Your periods may stop or they could become shorter and lighter in flow.

If you have already started a menstrual cycle how can you stop it?

You can not stop a menstrual cycle without removing your ovaries. Some birth control pills allow you to skip periods, but this does not stop the cycle.

If you stop taking the pill mid cycle how long till it is out of your system?

Three or so days. After that you can get pregnant.