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Becoming sexually active does not generally change your menstrual cycle. If you are using contraception, such as the birth control pill, coil or Depo Provera injection, then your menstrual cycle can change. Your periods may stop or they could become shorter and lighter in flow.

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2014-08-22 01:19:01
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Q: Can becoming sexually active change your menstrual cycle?
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HOW does becoming sexually active change relationships with family?

It doesn't because they support you in your decisions..

When a girl becomes sexually active is it common for her body to change as if she was pregnant?

You should not experience pregnancy symptoms just because you starting becoming sexually active.

If I become sexually active does my menstrual cycle change?

Yes it can, it is normal for it to be off by two weeks or more. Its very stressful on your body and can cause these kind of changes.

Can change in weather affect menstrual cycle?

No, a change in the weather cannot affect the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones in your body, not by the weather.

If you become sexually active can your period change?

It's only natural for any woman to have changes in their periods when they become sexually active and when you stop using any birth control. If you go to your gp get blood tests done and regular smears you will be fine. Regular sex doe's change thing's if you never been in a serious relationship. Your period changes every month.

Does yogurt affect your menstrual cycle?

No, yogurt has absolutely no impact on your menstrual cycle what-so-ever. It's yogurt, it has no ability to change your hormones in order to change your menstrual cycle.

Can a pap smear change your menstrual date?

A pap smear will not affect your menstrual cycle.

Can semen change color if not sexually active?

if your semen is not a transparent but cloudy white color, I advise to get a check up... im not a doctor though, just what ive heard

Why did my menstrual cycles change?

because it just does.

What can parent do when 19 year old lives with parent disrespectful and sexually active?

Change the locks and ask them to leave. The 19 year old is an adult that you don't have to support or have in your home.

Can eating different change your menstrual cycle?

Yes, eating differently can change your menstrual cycle as can exercise and weight changes. Diet is one of the biggest factors in changing your menstrual cycle and menstruation, your menstrual cycles are a big indicator of health so a better diet can result in better menstrual cycles and menstruation.

Can you get your menstrual cycle early from a pap smear exam?

A pap smear will not change the timing of your menstrual cycle.

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