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No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

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Can Laxatives Affect A Pregnancy Test

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Q: Can laxatives stop your period
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Will laxatives interfere when im on my period?

It is all right to take laxatives when you are having your period.

Why do laxatives stop working?

Laxatives rid the body of all solid waste, so once all solid waste has been removed from the body, they will stop.

If you know you will be eating food containing laxatives sometime in the near future is there anything you can eat or take before to lessen the effects?

if you know you are eating the food with laxatives then my advice is to stop ask your doctor to help you ensure a balanced diet and he will go over the food that contain laxatives and food in witch is safe, your health can be Seville damaged by laxatives and you can have a stroke or heart attack,

Will vineager stop your period?

No, vinegar will not stop your period. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle and a natural function of your body, you cannot stop your period with vinegar.

Does anarexia stop your period?

If your weight gets too low then your period will usually stop. If you exercise a lot, that too can stop your period.

What is laxatives and diuretics?

laxatives make you poo and diuretics make you pee.

Do laxatives affect Depo-Provera?

Laxatives do not affect Depo Provera. Since it doesn't get into your digestive tract, it won't even know the laxatives are there.

Who invented laxatives?

Laxatives are very helpful when a person needs to relieve themselves. The first medical laxatives were invented by a Dr. C. B. Fleet.

How do you spike a drink with laxatives?

Spiking a drink with laxatives can lead to a charge of assault or battery.

Are laxatives bad for you?


How do you stop an unexpected period flow?

You can't stop your period just like that. You will need medication.

Is there a tablet you can buy to stop your period?

There is a tablet to postpone your period called Primolut N, but I do not think there is a pill to stop your period entirely.