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A Remington model 41A is worth between 55-175 dollars,a model 41P is worth between 55-200 dollars,and a model 41SB is running between 210-325 dollars.these Remington single shots were made from 1936-1939 with a total production of 306,880 guns.

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2011-09-15 11:59:05
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Q: What is your single shot Remington target master model 41worth?
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What is manufacture time frame for Remington target master model 510?

The Remington model 510 Target Master was made from 1939-1962.

What is the value of a Remington 510 Target Master manufactured in June1948 in very good condition?

Your Remington model 510 Target Master will bring between 195-250 dollars in the condition that you describe.

Find a bolt for a Remington target master 510?

How old is your Remington targetmaster 510p?

See link for details

What is the value of 1941 Remington .22 calibure Target master model 510?

current value of a 1941 Remington 510 22cal rifle

How do you find the age of a Remington model 510 22cal target master?

Find the serial number and google the Remington sight. They should have records of when the weapon was produced.

How do you find out how old a Remington target master 510 is?

It's date stamped on the barrel. Check the Remington Society of America's manufactured date link for details.

What is a Remington 41-2 targetmaster?

Remington model 41 target master is an awesome old-time single shot .22 rifle. No provisions for a scope only open sights, a very long (69cm) barrel. My grandfather owned one when I was a kid.

Could you please find a Remington 22 cal bolt action model 510 target master need bolt pics?

i have a22 cal bolt 510 target master to contact me

When did remington make model41 targetmaster boltaction 22?

Remington made 306,880 model 41 Target master rifles from 1936-1939. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America for the date code information stamped on the barrel (month/year)

What is a Remington Target master model 41 in mint condition worth?

The Remington Model 41 Targetmaster was produced from 1936 to 1939 with 306,880 rifles being assembled. Mint condition would be valued at around $300.00

Can someone tell you where to find more about a Remington model 510 target master 22 cal rifle made in September 1948? (forums)

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