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See link for details

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How old is my target master

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Q: How old is your Remington targetmaster 510p?
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What sight was used on Remington 510p targetmaster?

the 510p came with an adjustable peep sight. my mother had one when she was a kid in the late 1930's. The fit and finish is incredible for what was probably a 15 dollar hardware store .22. I have a weaver scope on it now and it still shoots great!............

Value of Remington Targetmaster model 41 cal 22 rifle?

value of Remington targetmaster model 41 cal 22rifle

What did the remington targetmaster model 41 sell for new?

$ 26

How much did the Remington targetmaster model 41 cost?


What is Value of a Remington targetmaster model 41?

Depending on condition, around $150.

Where can you buy a stock for Remington Mod 41 Targetmaster?

can find on ebay for around 80.00

How do you determine the age of a Remington targetmaster model 41?

The targetmaster was manufactured from 1936-1939 everything after 1920 has the date code stamped on the barrel. The details for this can be found on the Remington Society of America here:

What year was the Remington 22 caliber Targetmaster rifle made that has the letters ess stamped on the barrel?

October 1947.

What is a Remington 41-2 targetmaster?

Remington model 41 target master is an awesome old-time single shot .22 rifle. No provisions for a scope only open sights, a very long (69cm) barrel. My grandfather owned one when I was a kid.

Where can you find a bolt for a Remington targetmaster 510?

Try checking with the list of suppliers on the Remington Society of America Service/Parts page here:

Can you determine the age of a Remington Targetmaster model 510 by its serial number?

No but you can by the barrel code, check the Remington Society of America page:

What is the history of the Remington model 1922 Targetmaster 22 cal rifle?

The Targetmaster is the Model 510, it may have 1922 patent dates on it but it was made from 1939-1962 and they made over a 1/2 million of them in five variations.