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can find on ebay for around 80.00

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Q: Where can you buy a stock for Remington Mod 41 Targetmaster?
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Can you adjust trigger pressure on Remington model 510 targetmaster?

No. You can buy replacement triggers that have a lighter pull. They are only about ten dollars.

Are there after market stocks for Remington Sportsman 78?

The sportsman 78 model Remington is the same as a Remington 700 adl, but i have yet to find whether to buy a short or long action stock for mine... so i would just go for a rem 700 adl stock

Where can one buy a Remington 870 stock?

Remington 870 stocks can be purchased from a variety of places such as Cheaper Than Dirt, ATI Gun Stocks, eBay, Brownells, Midway USA, SCHEELS, and Bass Pro.

Where can you buy a stock for a Remington model 12?

Check the service and parts link on the Remingon Society of America (A collectors organization)

Where can you buy a stock for a Remington Model 66 22 LR rifle?

Best bet is to search the internet auction sites such as, and

Can you fit a Remington CDL in an ADL stock?

Yes you can but you will have to buy a new trigger guard for your setup.The adl had a blind magazine were as the cdl has a drop open floor plate.Make sure that your caliber is either a long action required stock or a short action required stock also.

Where can you buy a mod maker?

i would buy from poundworld

Where can you buy parts for Remington model 770?

Remington, gun shop,

Where can you buy garys mod without steam?

Gary's mod is a Steam exclusive

How do you get a garrys mod 10 patch when you have garrys mod 9?

Buy Garry's mod 10 off of steam.

Can anyone buy at a stock exchange?

yes, they can buy stock at a stock exchange

Can you buy garrys mod in stores?

No. Go buy it at steam...