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No. You can buy replacement triggers that have a lighter pull. They are only about ten dollars.

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Q: Can you adjust trigger pressure on Remington model 510 targetmaster?
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How do you adjust a trigger on a Remington 799 rifle?

Type your answer here... how do I adjust the trigger on Remington 799

How do you adjust the trigger on a model 700 Remington?

It is very easy to adjust the trigger on a Model 700 Remington. Remove the rifle from the stock and there is 3 small screws you can adjust. One is for the lbs. of trigger pull, which be careful you don't make it so easy it's a hair trigger and could go off just by the jar from closing the bolt. The other is to adjust the length of trigger pull.

Can you adjust the trigger on a Tippmann Gryphon?

No, the Gyphon does not have an adjustable trigger

How do you adjust the trigger pull of your western field shotgun?

The only way is to replace the whole trigger but it will still have a hair trigger

How do you adjust a 2 stage trigger?

It depends on the model.

How do you adjust the pressure on a airless paint sprayer?

If there is no air, then you cannot adjust pressure.

Can you adjust trigger on bar safari?

It can be sent to the factory for adjustment.

How do you adjust the trigger pull on a ruger bearcat?

You take it to a gunsmith

How do you adjust a double trigger on a rifle?

Best left to a trained gunsmith.

How do you adjust the trigger on a browning blr?

You find a Browning trained armorer

How do you adjust trigger x mark pro?

You can adjust the X mark pro in the same manner you would the earlier trigger on the Remington 700, GOOGLE Rem 700 trigger adjustments. If you don't clearly understand the internal workings of a trigger group assembly with sear,over-travel & trigger-pull weight adjustments,THEN HAVE A REPUTABLE GUNSMITH PERFORM THE WORK for you for around $20-$40. If you have a new Remington 700 with the X mark pro trigger and wish to retain the factory warranty you have to have a licenced/approved gunsmith perform the adjustment work & provide you with a written reciept of the work. There is a replacement trigger pull weight spring & bolt release spring available mail-order from Brownells in the U.S that will lower the trigger pull to around 1.5 pounds otherwise you might get as low as 2-2.5 pounds with the factory supplied spring. Your other option is to replace the whole X mark pro trigger group/assembly with a JEWELL HVR (with safety lever) or benchrest (with-out safety) trigger group & get adjustments down to 4 ounces & up to 48 ounces. Other replacement adjustable triggers are available via Brownells like SHILEN,RIFLE BASIX & TIMNEY,check their on-line catalogue. In my opinion,it's not only a real pity that Remington can trust you to buy & otherwise safely use their rifles but cannot adjust a trigger from the factory for a safe release pull of around 2.5lb on what is otherwise a well put together rifle. Regards...Phil "ROOSHOOTER" Australia

How do you adjust Remington 37 trigger?

I have a remingon 37 field service manual weight of the trigger pull may be changed by turning trigger pull adjusting screw to the right , or clockwise for heaver pull off ,and to the left ,or counter clockwise for lighter pull off . adjust trigger adjusting screw rear until lengthwise lap of sear and bolt stop is about .012 " ( gun cocked safe is off ) turn trigger adjusting front screw front in as far as it will go ,then back off until trigger will fire . now back out trigger pull adjusting screw until it is free of trigger spring weight trigger pull . pull should be under 3 lbs. turn in screw until desired pull is obtained . 03-14-2008

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