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The youngest mother was 5 years old.

Here's a link to a website about it.

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2009-08-05 19:10:21
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Q: What is the youngest age any girl has got pregnant?
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What is the youngest age you can be to get a girl pregnant one pregnant?

You can get pregnant as soon as you start your minstral cycle. So in that case you can get pregnant at almost any age>

What state has the youngest age for getting married with parental consent?

Kentucky/Louisianna. In Kentucky any age if the girl is pregnant. Louisianna you can be 14.

What age can a girl get preganant?

A girl can get pregnant at any age if she haves sex(unprotected).

When is the youngest age to fall in love for a girl?

I believe people can fall in love at any age.

How old does a human female have to be to get pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant at any age. If a girl started her period at the age of 8 and she has sex, she can get pregnant.

Who was the youngest Girl Scout?

It would be difficult to determine the youngest Girl Scout. Depending on the organization in the country they live in, girls may join at the age of 4, so any girl who joins on her 4th birthday would be the youngest Girl Scout.

If you are lesbian can you get pregnant at the age of 11?

ANY girl regardless of what she is can get pregnant if she has sex with a boy if she has started puberty.

At what age can girls get pregnant?

A girl can become pregnant usually after puberty. This is because of her menstrual cycle. She must be ovulating though in order for her to conceive (become pregnant). Some women can have periods without ovulating so that would be the most important thing is that she ovulates.

What is the youngest age for pregnancy?

A female can become pregnant at any point after puberty; female puberty occurs on average around age 13, but can occur as early as 8 or as late as 16. the worlds youngest pregnancy was age 9. the father sexualy assaulted his daughter. Actually the youngest pregnency is a 5 year-old girl. It's sad but true the baby was raised thinking the the mother was his sister but realized that it was his mother at the age of 10.

At what age can a girl get preagnant?

Technically, a girl can get pregnant at almost any age, but there are less health-risks (for both the girl and her child) after she begins her menstrual cycle.

How old was Rihanna when she was going to have a little baby girl?

Not any age. She was never pregnant.

Can 13 year old boys get pregnant?

Boys- of ANY age- do not GET pregnant. However, a 13 yr old boy can get a GIRL pregnant.

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