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No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if they dont use any sperm?
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Can you get a girl pregnant from the back?

any position that gets the sperm near the vagina can get a girl pregnant.

If your having intercourse from the back can the female still get pregnant?

If you mean anal sex, then no you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. But if sperm enters the vagina, then yes you can get pregnant from any position.

What kind of sperm can make women pregnant?

Any sperm can get a women pregnant.

Does a girl gets pregnant if she gets by 3 guys?

If any number of them manage to get sperm inside her, there is a chance, yes.

Do you have to have a type of sperm to get someone pregnant?

The sperm test show how many sperms, how fast they move and if they are deformed and that indicates your chances of getting someone pregnant. The test can't show if you actually got someone pregnant if that is what you mean.

Can you get pregnant if you swallow guy sperm?

Swallowing sperm will not get you pregnant. The stomach acids will kill any living sperm. You can only get pregnant if sperm makes contact with an egg.

How do you become pregnant at nine years old?

Better if you don't. In any case, a girl nine years old can usually not get pregnant.

What happens if sperm appears in boys pennies?

Nothing happens, you wont notice any difference but you can then make a girl pregnant if you have sex.

Can a passive gay make a girl pregnant?

Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male you can get a woman pregnant if you ejaculate inside her or she gets your sperm inside her any other way.

How is a baby formed how does a girl get pregnant?

If you want to know how a baby is formed, look it up in any human body book or on the internet. A girl gets pregnant when she has sex. the male's sperm has to go into the girl's vagina and fertilize the egg. so .... off

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm falls on the undergarments of the girl?

Absolutely not. Men ejaculate 300 to 400 million sperm in 1 ejaculation. Sperm can not live for more than a day outside of the male penis (testicles) and it does not live in the vaginal area any longer than 3 days. If a sperm fell onto the undergarments of a female you would not see it, nor would it live long enough for it to get someone pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant if the sperm hits the air?

If the sperm Doesn't touch the vagina in any way, shape or form then No, you cannot get pregnant.