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ANY girl regardless of what she is can get pregnant if she has sex with a boy if she has started puberty.

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Q: If you are lesbian can you get pregnant at the age of 11?
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What if you get pregnant at age 11?

then your screwed man

do you recommend getting pregnant at age 11?


Can you be 11 and a lesbian?

Yes. Although it is uncommon for anyone to realize their sexual orientation at that age, it is possible.

How do you know if someone is a lesbian friend at 11?

Their age is still young and they are still growing and learning about them self. If they are lesbian then maybe someday they will tell you and it would be appropriate for you to accept them.

How do you get pregnant when you are a lesbian?

A lesbian can be artificially inseminated with sperm from a chosen sperm donor.

Can a lesbian get pregnant from a didlo?

No. No one can.

Should your 11 year old be pregnant?

No, thats too young. Even if she CAN get pregnant, she should not.

Can you get pregnant with a lesbian?

No, only men can impregnate.

Who is Michelle Bonner pregnant by?

In vitro. She is a lesbian.

Can a lesbian couple get one another pregnant?

No, because a woman requires sperm to fertilize the egg cell. To get pregnant, lesbian couples use a sperm donor.

What the legal age to be lesbian?

there is no legal age to be a lesbian. its your choice if that's the way you want to go. no one can stop you.

Where is the sperm located in a lesbian?

When they are pregnant it is in the egg. When someone is a lesbian they do not start making sperm, they are still a woman.