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That is simply Lymphatic discharge and nothing to worry about, it's the same discharge seen in ear lobe piercing that haven't had jewellery in them for a while. Simply wash the piercings and carry on.

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2010-03-02 21:35:10
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Q: What is the white stuff that come out of your old nipple piercing that has been taking out for a year?
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White stuff came out of your nipple?

i have that too but im only 13... is that bad?

What is the white stuff that comes out of your ears after they are pierced?

That is lymphatic discharge and is normal in any new piercing, this will ease off as the piercing heals and toughens.

Why does white stuff come out of your ear piercing even though you have had your ear piercing for more than 6 weeks?

The white stuff is dead white blood cells, which means you have an infection. Clean the earrings using a mild disinfectant. Use an antibiotic cream on your ears. That should clear it up.

Is white stuff normal in a healing lip piercing?

if it is seeping a lot of white pus then that's not normal but if it is only a little bit then it is okay.You might have white/yellow fluids draining from your piercing and probably forming a crust. That's perfectly fine but pus is not.

Why is there white stuff coming out of my belly button piercing?

This sounds like normal, perfectly healthy pus. It is fine as long as it says white or clear and has no smell.

If you have white pus coming out near your nipple but not on you nipple what might it be?

montgomery glands

If I have noticed white raised lumps around my nipple and a brown crust on my nipple along with aching breasts do you know what this could be?

nipple napple

What if tongue is white after piercing?

Go see a doctor. You either have an infection (white stuff on the surface of the tongue) or may have injured something (a tongue should be pink if it has adequate blood flow.)

Pierced ears for man then 6 weeks already but white stuff starting coming out... Why does white stuff come out of your an ear piercing Does anyone know what this is... Is it normal?

It is like some kind of tissue coming out, you need to put some rubbing alcohol on it.

What is this white bump next to my nipple piercing?

It's probably a bunch of white blood cells trying to get rid of the foreign body, but just in case, I would go back to the place where you got it pierced and get a second opinion from a professional because it could be infected.

When you squeeze your nipple white puss comes out why?


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