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Relaxed jeans will ride lower on the hips, while regular cut jeans will give you a rounded fit.

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2009-10-28 05:25:23
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Q: What is the difference between relaxed and regular cut jeans?
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What is the difference between regular and petite jeans?

Regular and petite in jean sizes refers to the rise in the jeans. While the leg length of regular jeans is longer than that of petite jeans, the main sizing difference is in the length from the crotch to the waist.

What is the difference between regular boy's jeans and slim fit?

The difference between regular and slim fit jeans is the same regardless of whether they are boys or girls. Regular jeans have a standard cut that offers plenty of room throughout the jeans while slim fit are tight against the legs.

What is the length difference between short and regular in women's jeans?

Short jeans will have a tighter fit, but it has a certain look that may not be for everyone.

What is the difference between short and regular in skinny jeans?

The short and regular are referring to the inseam length. Short is possibly 30", and the regular is possibly 32".

What is the difference between DKNY and DKNY jeans?


What is difference Lee Jeans vs riders by Lee?

The ones marked Riders - Relaxed Fit are much smaller than the Lee Rider Relaxed fit

What is the difference between boot-cut and regular cut in jeans?

Boot-cuts jean cover the top half of one's boot while regular cut jean do not.

Will fleece-lined jeans come in the same sizes as regular denim jeans?

Fleece lined jeans would fit you the same way a regular pair of jeans will fit you. The only difference is that fleece lined jeans are lined and are therefore thicker. They are great for cold winter days.

What is the difference between tall and long women's jeans?

Tall is for long waisted people with long legs, and long is for people who have long legs with regular waist!

What is the difference between boot cut and relaxed fit for men's jeans?

Boot cut features a flare towards the bottom of the jeans in order to slip over a large work-style boot. This prevents the jeans from bunching up around the boot or getting stuck inside. Relaxed fit is an overall looser fit jean than classic fit jeans. There is additional room through the seat and legs, but they feature a more tapered hemline at the bottom of the jeans, so they're not as practical if you'll be wearing large boots such as Timberlands or Doc Martens.

What is the difference between jeans and skinny jeans?

jeans are loose around the ankles.. skinny jeans are tight around the ankle, which makes them easy to tuck into boots.

What jeans does Blake Shelton wear?

Ariat Men's M2 Relaxed Boot Cut Western Jeans

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