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One of the differences between the 751 and the 501 jeans is that the 751 has a straight leg while the 501 leg is slightly tapered. The 751 is also designed to sit looser through the seat.

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Q: What is the difference between Levi 751 jeans and 501 jeans?
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What is the difference between model 501 and model 505 of Levi's jeans?

501 are button fly and 505 are not.

What is the difference between Levi 504 and 501?

It is that the 504 is not as greater than the levi 501. the levi 501 will improve your pants look.

Where can you buy Levi 501 Jeans?

There are several ways to buy a Levi 501 Jeans. Most stores sell the Levi 501, both regular stores as webstores. There is even an option to buy Levi 501 Jeans at the orriginal Levi store.

501 L S J?

501 Levi's Strauss Jeans??

What clothing items can you match with Levi 501 jeans?

"You can match clothing items such as a white t-shirt or a plaid shirt with Levi 501 jeans. Also, shirts from American Eagle and Stussy would pair up great with Levi 501 jeans."

What difference between Levi 501 and 505 and 517 jeans?

501 are button fly. 505 have zipper fly. Kinda same fit wise and they both say the same things in the labels.

Where can one purchase 501 jeans from a store?

There are many places one can purchase 501 jeans. This includes a Levi's store, a large department store, or a jeans store that stocks the Levi's brand.

Do the Levi'sยฎ Men's 501ยฎ Jeans - White come in tall?

Levi's Men's 501 come with up to 38 inch length.You have to look for the 501 big and tall jeans though.

How much did Levi 501 jeans cost in 1960?


What Levi's jeans did Tom Cruise wore in top gun?

Button fly 501 Levi's i think

Can you see through the white Levi's Men's 501 Jeans, like underware outlines?

The white Levi's Men's 501 Jeans are made of white denim, so you can't see through them at all.

What is the best brand jeans?

Levi 501 original shrink to fit jeans preferably those made in the US

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