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its called a septum

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Q: What is the center piercing in your nose called?
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What is a piercing on your nose called?

It is called a nose piercing.

What is that piercing that shannel out of bedrock called?

It's actually just a nose piercing and an ear piercing with a chain connected to the rings. Not really a big deal. It's usually called "the nose-to-ear" or just "nose-to-ear piercing". Hope I helped. :) -CarterrrBaee:)

What is the piercing in the middle of your nose called?

A septal or septum piercing , if it involves the cartilege.

What is it called when you get a small diamond piercing on your nose?

its called a stud.

Can you use a ear piercing cleaner on my nose?

Yes, you can use ear piercing cleaner on a nose piercing.

Does prodigy from mindless behavior have a nose piercing?

no prodigy doesn't have a nose piercing

Eating with a nose piercing?

your nose piercing should effect you in no way when you eat.

Can you tan with a nose piercing?

Yes you can tan with a nose piercing, but I wouldn't recommend it. It dry your piercing out and cause "crusties".

What are the correct names of nose piercings?

there are 3 different types of nose piercings. a nostril piercing, septum piercing (through the septum of your nose), and bridge piercing (placed on the upper bridge of your nose)

What facial piercing would be best for me?

Nose piercing

Does Ashley Massaro have a nose piercing?

no she doesn't have a nose piercing but i do know that she has snakebites (hoopes) and a monroe piercing on her left upper lip.

Can you take a shower with your nose piercing in?

yes its totally save to take a shower with your nose piercing in

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