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Yes, you can use ear piercing cleaner on a nose piercing.

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Q: Can you use a ear piercing cleaner on my nose?
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Do they do nose piercing at piercing pogoda?

Nope! They only do ear piercings on the lobes and cartilage's. Nothing that requires a actually needle. Just things that they can use those disposable guns on.

Does Claire's offer hoops as an ear piercing earring?

No, Clarie's don;t offer hoops as an ear piercing option because they don't do ear piercings. What Claire's use is a piercing gun which is more like cattle branding than a piercing, because they use a gun they have to use studs that fit into the gun. If you go to an actual piercer they can use hoops.

How much for a top ear piercing what stud do you use for it?


Can you use aloe vera on your nose piercing?

yes of course you can use aloe vera on nose piercing. it gives you a cooling effect and cures it soon. i had a nose piercing bumb erlier. i used aloe vera on it every day and night and now its gone.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your nose piercing?


How much does a nose piercing hurt when piercing it and after?

A nose piercing hurts more when piercing it than after it is done. The pain generally lasts a few seconds and if done by a professional it hurts less because they use quality needles.

Is Hibiclens good to clean your nose piercing?

It is not appropriate to use Hibiclens antiseptic to clean your nose piercing because it does not favor quick healing; instead, use sea salt soaks.

Why doctor use concave mirror to examine eyes ear nose and and throat?

doctors use concave mirrors for examination of ear nose throat and eyes why

What do i use to clean your nose piercing?

Alcohol should not be used on any piercing. Soaking your piercing in sea salt is best. you can also use non scented antibacterial soap to clean your piercing

Is 14g too big for your initial ear piercing?

no, a fourteen gage ear piercing is not to big. In fact people use much large gages than 14.

How do you get rid of bump on nose piercing?

Use tea tree oil

Does it hurt to get a nose piercing done with a gun?

Do not get it done with a gun! Its really dangerous and any piercing shop should know this, if a piercing place is saying they do it with a gun. Do NOT go to them. Do it with a needle only. Guns are only for ears, and your not even supposed to use a gun on the cartilage of your ear, it could shatter your cartilage.

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