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yes its totally save to take a shower with your nose piercing in

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โˆ™ 2012-01-24 15:41:53
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Q: Can you take a shower with your nose piercing in?
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Did kesha take her nose piercing out?


You think you slightly ripped your new nose piercing in the shower?

Well just use a bit more caution next time you are in the shower and be careful.

How soon can you take out a nose piercing?

after 2 months

Did Miley Cyrus take her nose piercing out?


If someone has their nose pierced have a cold and take their nose ring out Does snot come out of the piercing hole?

no, the piercing hole is too small.

How can you get a piercing out of your nose if the head part of the piercing is stuck?

Try to take it out while you're in the shower or immediately after you get out. The heat/steam will make your skin softer & easier to stretch. If you still can't get it out, go back to the piercer who did it & he'll remove it for you.

How do you change a nose piercing?

First you buy a new nose ring. Second you wipe the peircing with piercing cleaner Third you carefully take out the nose ring Fourth you wipe the piercing with more piercing cleaner Fifth you carefully put in the new nose ring.... TADA!!!!

Do I have to remove the jewelry when I take a shower?

No. Especially if the piercing is brand new.

What is a piercing on your nose called?

It is called a nose piercing.

When can you take a nose piercing out?

Approximitly 6-8 weeks

Can you breathe through a nose piercing Like if you have a nose piercing and you take out the stud and plug your nostrils can you still breathe out of the little hole?

The hole from a nose piercing would not be large enough for you to take in a sufficient amount of air if you were to plug your nostrils. Air will flow through the piercing hole but you will still need your nostrils in order to take in enough oxygen.

Do i have to take my shirt off to get a nose piercing?

well no, your nose is on ur head not ur body.

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