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I don't think the time of day has any effect on the results you get.(:

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Q: What is the best time of day to take a early pregnancy test?
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Is it to early to take a pregnancy test?

the foot book

When can a woman take her pregnancy test?

A woman should take a pregnancy test on the first day that she has missed her period, it is best to take the test in the morning for the best results.

How long after late short period should you take a pregnancy test?

Its best to perform a pregnancy test, 3-4 weeks after you last had intercourse or when your period is a few days late.

Are the chills a sign of early pregnancy?

They could be - take a test

Is it possible to be too early to take a pregnancy test?


Is it ok to take a pregnancy test at 3Am?

go for it. you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. the only thing is that when its early early on, you have more of the hcg pregnancy hormone in the morning after you've slept awhile. that's why they say its best to take the test then for more accuracy. i personally took my first 2 preg tests at 9 and 10 pm and found out i was pregnant.

What is the best way to take a pregnacy test?

The best way to take a pregnancy test is to take it first thing in the morning, that is when pregnancy hormones are most detectably.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test after pregnancy?

"After pregnancy?"If you know you are pregnant then don't take the test.Lmao -_-

What does a inconclusive home pregnancy test really mean?

It may mean that you have taken the test to early, best to go and see your doctor or wait for a week and take another test.

Is it possible to have a period even if you think you have conceived?

Some women have periods during pregnancy but it is uncommon. Best way to know is to take a Early Home pregnancy test.

Is it too early to take a pregnancy test or should I wait?

I'm writing from personal experience here so, I believe you should wait til you are 1 week late on your period. If you are one week late than you should take a home pregnancy test if that comes back positive than make an appointment with your O.B.GYN. Hope things turn out good!!!!!!!!!!