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Nipple tenderness can be a sign of your period or early pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're pregnant.

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Q: Is nipple tenderness a sign of your period or early pregnancy?
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What are the early stages of pregnancy?

Nausia, breast tenderness, missed period and being tired

What are the most common signs of very early pregnancy?

Three good signs are missing the period, nausea and the breast tenderness.

What are the most obvious signs of pregnancy?

The most obvious sign of pregnancy is missing a period. The most common early symptoms you may also have are breast tenderness, tiredness and nausea and/or vomiting.

Early pregnancy signs?

Missed Period, Breast Tenderness, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Nausea, Dizziness and/or Fainting, Food Cravings, or Aversions to Foods, Morning Sickness, A Positive Pregnancy Test :)

How early do you get tender breast in pregnancy?

Breast tenderness is often the earliest sign of pregnancy and can start shortly after implantation.

How early might breast tenderness begin in a third pregnancy?

No different from your other 2 pregnancies

Ive been having breast tenderness and back pain and frequent urination all the symptoms of a period and pregnancy then i got my period 2 weeks early what does this mean i was thinking that i was prego?

You still could be... It could be implantation bleeding and NOT your period... You should take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

Is nipple discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

ummm you need to go see a physician

If you have PMS does that mean you have to have your period My period is 1 day late and i had PMS but does having PMS mean that i cant be pregnant?

Early pregnancy symptoms can mimic PMS, including fatigue, mood changes and breast tenderness. Cramping can accopany implantation of the embryo. Feeling these things does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a period. Wait for your period, or buy some early accuracy home pregnancy tests.

What are the signs of pregnancy in early days before a missed period?

Pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person. Some people experience no symptoms at all before a missed period. Some women experience symptoms such as fatigue, nausea or breast tenderness. Pay attention to your body, and take a pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period.

Can you still have your period in early pregnancy?


What are common and uncommon symptoms of early pregnancy?

Common pregnancy symptoms are: Nausea, breast tenderness, tiredness, adominal cramps, needing to pee frequently, bloatedness, and missed period. Etc. I'm not sure baout uncommon pregnancy symptoms so i can't help you with that.

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