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go for it. you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. the only thing is that when its early early on, you have more of the hcg pregnancy hormone in the morning after you've slept awhile. that's why they say its best to take the test then for more accuracy.

i personally took my first 2 preg tests at 9 and 10 pm and found out i was pregnant.

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Q: Is it ok to take a pregnancy test at 3Am?
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Serum pregnancy test?

a serum pregnancy test is a blood test just a fancy doctor word for it kb

You have had at least 15 dreams no joke that you are either pregnant taking a pregnancy test or have a baby They are not in any order so what can it mean?

you should take a pregnancy test to make sure that everything is ok , your probably thinking to hard about pregnancy stuff.

Is it ok to take a pregnancy test 10 days after sex?

You can but you are likely to get a false result. You should wait a full 14 days.

Is it ok to take collagen during pregnancy?


Is it ok that period is ten days now?

You might consider a pregnancy test.

You were 5 wk pregnant then bled how will you know if still pregnant?

You could go to your doctor and they will do a blood test. Or you could take another home pregnancy test. If it is still positive you might be ok. If its negative you are likely losing the baby

Is Darvocet ok to take during pregnancy?

My doctor prescribed it to me for my back and i am 22 weeks....

Is it ok to take nurofen when pregnant?

Do not take any medication during pregnancy without talking to your dr first.

ok about test?

ok about test

Is Tabassco is ok to take in pregnancy?

Yes, it has a very high natural percentage of Vitamin C.

Is it OK if you stick the pregnancy test in the toilet?

um... no... you will not get an accurate reading because the concentration of HGC will be WAY too sparce to detect...

Is it ok to see the doctor only at 3 months pregnancy?

You visit your doctor after a missed period and have a pregnancy test if you had unsafe sex,if positive then early prenatal visit is advised and good for you and the baby.